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Frequently asked Questions for GreenScapes Customers

GreenScapes comes on a 8GB USB Card.

Answers to GreenScapes installation questions, and other questions we get on occasion.

We also have a GreenScapes Landscape Design Advanced Training Page, there you will find answers to saving,resizing and creating detailed landscape designs. Including tips and tricks that make using GreenScapes easy.

It is a 8 GB USB Card with the installation files of GreenScapes! We emailed very detailed instructions on how to install and register GreenScapes. Please check your email, it will be from PLEASE check the spam folder. If you did not receive it please fill out a Support Ticket.

Re-read the instructions carefully, you missed a step.

  1. Turn Off the User Account Control.
  2. Right click the GreenScapes icon on the desktop and run as administrator.
  3. Get your invoice out with the email and phone we set up for registration.
  4. Go to the Registration Page for more details and video instructions.

We also provide additional libraries as we acquire images via a Free Download Center. You will need a User Name and Password, if you did not receive it or missed the email, use the support ticket I will get it over to you.

Yes, you can import you own images or Objects to the GreenScapes program. We even made an instruction movie in the software to show you how to do this.

  1. Objects need to be transparent. The Magic Wand is one Tool that does the trick.
  2. The Define Area Tool is another way to make an Object.
  3. The Library Movie will show you how to make a new Library

Use the define area tool just like you were putting in pavers. Go to the SECONDARY LIBRARY. Use the pull down menu and scroll to Grass and Mulch or start to type in grass, like the pictures below.

GreenScapes has a very extensive Grass and Mulch library.

Go to FILE / PROGRAM DEFAULTS / SELECT: Be sure to Select "Printing covers entire page". Watch the training Movie on this and more defaults.

GreenScapes allows you the change the program defaults to design the way you want.

We included 5 different Layer Tools in GreenScapes.

  1. The 2 on the Tool Bar are "Send to Front" and "Send to Back" and do just that send the object you have selected all the way to the back and bring it all the way to the front.
  2. From the Tools Menu you have "ONE Layer Up" and "ONE Layer Down." Watch the Layer Video!
  3. Also "Select by Name" is on the tool bar as well as the Tools Menu. Watch the Select by Name Video!

If you experience your texture libraries in the Pattern Library command disappearing. Meaning they are nowhere to be found on the screen. This usually happens when the screen resolution has been changed.

  1. You need to reset the program presets by renaming the Greenscapes.exe and the INI file.
  2. First close the program.
  3. To rename the files go to the location of the EXE and INI file - C:\Program Files (x86) \GreenScapes \
  4. There you will see Greenscape.exe (application) & Greenscape.ini (configuration settings) need to be renamed to: Greenscape1.exe & Greenscape1.ini by right clicking on the file and go to rename and just add a 1 to the end of the names.
  5. Then open GreenScapes, open an image, and define an area and go to the Pattern Library menu and the library should be on the screen.
  6. You may want to move the thumbnail library to a different location on screen, so this does not happen again.

Let's make sure you we don't already have the answer on the website.

  1. All the Training Videos are on our website, this is so you can watch the videos on any computer without GreenScapes.
  2. The Advanced Training Page has some great tips on GreenScapes.
  3. When all else fails: Use the Support Ticket, this allows us to reserve a day and time that is good for you.
  4. During office hours you can call Support 9 to 5 CST - 818-620-4272

This document will show you how to have Norton not scan the training videos.

If you are having problems saving Texture Libraries in Greenscapes, it is because Windows 10 is blocking files being saved in the Program files (x86) Folders. You need to change the permissions on Greenscapes folder to allow things to be saved.

Step 1: First close Greenscapes. If you have logged-in as an administrator, if not, do so now. I suggest you to follow the below steps to give permission for entire folder and sub-Folders, so that you can access the specific files.

  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\ find Greenscape Folder
  2. Right click on the Greenscapes folder and click on Properties.
  3. Click on Security tab and select the group\user name. or it might be called just users
  4. Click on Edit option and check the option Full control.
  5. Click on Apply and then on Ok button.
  6. Open Greenscapes and try making a Texture Library.