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What are Hardscape items within the GreenScapes program?

Just like HGTV shows you after major construction on the interior of a home, the last step would be to stage it before selling. Why? Because staging sells it faster, the potential client can see the end result and wants it.

GreenScapes garden design software allows you to stage your Landscape Design Project or Pavingstone project with items like BBQ's, Benches, Fire pits, Outdoor Furniture and more.

GreenScapes allows you to create your own objects, so why not take a picture of the new potential client. By using the define area tool cut them out, save the new client object to your hard-drive. Now import them on the new designed driveway, garden, or walkway giving your new client a sense of ownership. A real picture of their house, designed by a professional and they are in the picture as if the outdoor project is completed. GreenScapes closes deals! They love to show their friends, which means even more clients for you.

Hardscape Items

There are many times when plants alone are not enough to complete a Landscape project. That is why we have created a broad collection of hardscape items to make it easier and faster for you. When you browse through the categories below you will see how extensive the Hardscape library is. Keep in mind you can always add your own pictures "objects" of hardscape items to the program’s Library in minutes.

Pools and Water Features - Google plus has removed our links I am correcting this as quickly as possible thank you for your patience.

So you install pools will GreenScapes work for you?

GreenScapes give you two ways to show a pool. An object like the ones below or define the area and use a water texture. GreenScapes will not give you dimensions but it will show the client what that new pool will look like and the patio around it.

Why does GreenScapes have 3 D Items?

GreenScapes is the best 2D photo realistic program on the market today, that is why it does not look fake or cartoonish. The manufacturers have created these 3D items for their 3D programs and some of the objects are usable in GreenScapes. One way to use these 3D items is a template, giving you the lines and angles to trace over with the define area tool and cover over with real pavers and wall stone.

Download Center for additional Hardscape Items

Download Center for additional Lighting Fixtures

Download Center for additional Waterfeatures