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GreenScapes is the best and easiest garden design software in the landscape industry today. With an amazing amout of high resolution Plants, Trees and Flowers

All our Plant Libraries are Photo Realistic and Customizable. With GreenScapes it is easy to create renderings of spectacular outdoor living spaces.

Wow your clients with gorgeous landscape designs with realistic colorful plants and hardscapes.

GreenScapes saves your projects in a file format that everything like plants stays active and moveable. This allows you to make changes to gardens very easily, also to save your different design ideas with different price points, to present to the client. When they can see it, they want it. It really is that simple.

GreenScapes plant libraries consist of Northern Trees, Southern Trees, Northern Shrubs, Southern Shrubs, Palm Trees, Tropical, Desert, Drought Tolerant, Evergreen, Conifers, Annuals, Perennials, Flowers and more.

GreenScapes allows you to customize and create your own libraries from our plants or add your own.

Grouping plants together, and create your own grouped objects, will speed up your design process.

GreenScapes is for Landscapers and Hardscape contractors who want to design extraordinary landscapes in a matter of minutes.

When it comes to paving stones extensive choices of patterns from major Interlocking Paving and Decorative Concrete Manufactures takes your landscape design to the next level, allowing you to show different paver and concrete textures with a click. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE PLANTS.


We will continue to add to the GreenScapes libraries, beside the plant libraries you see below GreenScapes clients receive additional objects and textures from our Download Center Free. The User Name and Password will be supplied after purchase.

Download Center for Plants

GreenScapes also includes paving manufactures, an additional library of textures for gravel, bark, grass, stone veneer, acid stain, concrete and more to enhance your landscape design. Hardscape objects like pools, waterfalls, fire pits, BBQ's even outdoor furniture anything you may need to complete the outdoor space and increase your bottom line are included. Learn how easy it is to design any outdoor space with GreenScapes. Training Videos.