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Don't just take it from us, let our landscape design software customers do the talking on GreenScapes!

Homeowners looking for a landscaper, search no more, below is a list of companies and contractors that use GreenScapes landscape design software.

Did you use DesignWare from Design Imaging Group? Read how, other DesignWare users love GreenScapes landscape design software.

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What Our Customers Say about GreenScapes Landscape Design Software

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There is no better example of a testimonial than a contractors who design with GreenScapes Landscape and paving-stone software.

After buying numerous other Landscape Design Programs I came across Greenscapes and was amazed at what it offered at far less than other Professional Design Software Programs. Incredibly user friendly and fluid in creating realistic illustrations I began closing contracts I wouldn't otherwise have been able to solicit as I did not provide design services. What really set my business apart and developed commercial clients with literally no competition was when I would simply locate degraded looking commercial sites, created landscape renderings and sent them to the owners unsolicited. The response was overwhelming at profit margins that simply didn't exist in a commercial bidding environment. As we all know in the landscape industry, quality clientele pay for a concept, not a price based on how many trees, plants and flowers you are putting in their landscape. They simply want what you can show them their property can look like and this program does that more accurately than any program I have ever used or seen. Simply a program I couldn't operate without.
K. Woody Landscape Inc. Sacramento, Ca

I watched the GreenScapes Landscape Design Software video and was able to figure it out. I didn't realize there were quite so many tutorials. I'll have to spend some time going through them so I don't have to bother you with a question that's already been answered again. :) On a side note, this program has been a huge time saver for us and our customers love it.
Thank you! Katie D. Tyler
Beechwood Ground Management, LLC

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Dumfires Nursery located on Washington Street in Dumfries, VA shows off landscape designs using GreenScapes!

Chesterland Nurseries Ltd. located in Chesterland, Ohio shows of landscape designs created with GreenScapes.

Northfield Gardens in Tilton, New Hampshire uses GreenScapes.

Northfields Gardens uses GreenScapes to design landscaping.

Plant Whisperer of Texas - Sara McMillan June 2019

GreenScapes is a 5 Star program!

I love the GreenScapes program and my customers love it too. In fact, I don't want to do business without it. GreenScapes has helped my business grow.
So many options and it is easy to use and the libraries are huge. I could go on and on, but I want to share something else. My computer crashed recently and I did not back up. Which caused me to lose all the work I created over the last year. Thankfully, support was there to save the day.
Thank you again, BTW Michele helped me to resolve my issues and even gave me advice beyond the program. I felt like she cared that I succeeded and that is what makes this so much more.

Thank you Sara of the Plant Whisperer of Texas

I have been using the GreenScapes program to show landscaping and hardscaping and just wanted to give you an update. Since we live in Buffalo, NY we pretty much just started getting to work. In the past week I have bid on 6 jobs and used the GreenScapes Landscape Design Software each time. The customers were blown away with the ability of looking at their properties as if the landscaping were installed and needless to say we got all 6 landscaping projects. 2 of them were over $10,000.
GreenScapes Landscape Design Software is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. So very reasonable priced, and I rate this a 10 for ease of use of a professional outdoor design program. Thank you again. Jonathan Broughman Landscaping | Jonathan Broughman North Tonawanda, New York.

Thank-you so much for your time and patience. "I am a landscape designer and used the original Designware in school I was amazed at how it worked going from a barepicture to how it could create and transition into a reality of a beautiful landscape. I did lots of drawings for clients but the GreenScapesprogram makes the design more realistic. It is definitely a good selling point. When my clients see their before and after pictures they say "WoW" they are sold!
I am so glad I was able t o purchase "GreenScapes Landscape Design Software" from you when DesignWare went out of business.”
Tanya Spearmhand an - TJS Landscape Designs, GA

Tommy Maslar from Island Wide

#Photo #Imaging promoted by New York Landscaper.

Posted by Landscape Design Imaging Software on Thursday, July 14, 2016

Being in the landscaping business for over 20 years, I am always looking for ways to make my business more efficient. Keeping on the cutting edge of technology has kept me ahead of my competition and I have you to thank! I have used imaging software for many years, and as the programs have advanced, finding a program that remains easy to use, and cost effective is always a challenge. You have kept up with the demands of the industry, and provided a place for me to go for all of my needs. Having used your other programs, when Landscape Lighting Software came out I was excited to see what it could do for me. WOW is all I can say! Being able to sit with a customer and quickly design their landscape lighting has helped me increase sales dramatically to new and existing customers! The program was easy to learn, and the customer support I received was above and beyond what I expected, which is unheard of now a days. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next! Thank you again.
Jim Vazzana – Long Island, NY

Let Peter Anthony, along with his highly skilled team, design and install your next landscape project. Click on the images and jump to his website where he shows off all his designs created in GreenScapes Landscape Design Software.

#Landscape #computer #designs by Peter Anthony of South Setauket, NY can show you what your property will look like...

Posted by Landscape Design Imaging Software on Saturday, July 16, 2016


Check out how HV Aluminium located in New Lambton NSW Australia uses GreenScapes Landscape Design Software to create sunrooms!

Enhance your lifestyle with our outdoor rooms, awnings, patio covers, window awnings and much more from HV Aluminium.

Posted by Landscape Design Imaging Software on Tuesday, December 5, 2018

Dear Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc.:
I would like to thank you for this unique professional software. I am really satisfied with this landscape software and the after sale service. You are astonishing me with the speed to reply my questions....just to tell you that I got the project below because my client loved the photo realistic design...
Thank you Alexander Saad La vie en vert in Beirut, Lebanon (click on image to see larger view) GreenScapes Landscape Design tesimonial.

R and W Landscaping in Baltimore Maryland love GreenScapes Landscape Design Software.Hi Michele Good afternoon,
I have been using GreenScapes Landscape Design Software throughout this season and it has already paid for itself many times over. I always liked the previous software DesignWare by Design Imaging Group but GreenScapes Landscape Design Software version is a lot better.
Creative Landscaping with GreenScapes Landscape Design Software GreenScapes design software for landscapers Photo Realistic Imaging

Thanks again. Best...Barry - R&W Landscaping - Baltimore, MD

Landscaper in Rochester New York likes GreenScapes Landscape Design Software.I guess I am considered a throwback. I still hand draft, the way I was originally trained. I have slowly however, come to embrace the GreenScapes Landscape Design Software imaging tools for rendering purposes, and realize the usefulness of another approach.
Here is a current proposal...(click on the image)

Firlit Landscape Design
Steve Firlit

Landscape design by GScaping using GreenScapesI really like the software because it's very easy to use and every time I have a questions the turorial videos are always available to  answer all my questions.
Good luck,
GScaping Landscape Services
Jose Garcia
Landscaper Austin, TX.